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Dan Draitser


"I had been thinking of trying to refinance for about a year, but, thought I wouldn't get approved because my credit score was in the low 600's and I owe about $550k.  Got in contact with Dan, who helped me raise my score to 640, which is the cutoff we needed.  I ended up paying off my old loan, and about $100k in unsecured debt that had double digit interest rates; all with an FHA mortgage.  There were some obstacles, but Dan was very professional and forthright from the beginning and got it done for me.  I am very thankful and now have a low fixed rate and am saving hundreds per month and thousands annually!"  

Dan'l (Daniel) Pierce, Santa Clarita, CA

"Had a buyer try to get purchase financing for their home with their own lender because it was a friend of a friend.  Well, 22 days into escrow and contract, the lender declined the file for some small credit blip that had previously been discussed.  I had to scramble and had my buyer contact Mr. Draitser who immediately placed the file into underwriting.  We had an approval within 72 hours and were able to close in just under two weeks.  Wish my buyer would have gone with him to begin with, but, ultimately Mr. Draitser came through and saved the deal and the day.  Thanks from me and the Jansens!"

Chris Smith, Realtor, San Diego, CA

"This was my first time ever refinancing and I was scared.  I wanted to take advantage of the low rates, but thought my credit score was too low and wouldn't get approved.  I found Dan Draitser and spoke with him giving all the details and my concerns.  He took me through the entire process, and explained everything every step of the way.  I know I required hand-holding throughout the process, and he did not mind.  In the end I got approved and closed with a great rate!  He is very communicative, responds quickly, and breaks things down so that I could understand.  Thanks for everything!"

Kim Oyler, Sacramento, CA


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